High performance packaging: robust and stackable, smooth on the inside, extremely clean and suitable to guarantee the non contamination of the packaged products. Tightness test against liquid permeability, To close Click Pack, give the lid a quarter turn until it clicks and locks.

Tightness test against liquid permeability, moisture and vapours, with tamper evident seal against tampering, reusable and recyclable.

Capacity: 6/15/20 liters.

CLICK PACKY  containers comply with food and pharmaceutical safety legislation; suitable to fine chemicals and to other high value products.


Drum in HDPE, screw lid closure, TPE lid gasket, seal in PS. Materials resistant to temperatures ranging from 70°C to -25°C. Cool the filled containers up to 30°C/86°F before closing them.


Extrusion and air-blowing production, with advanced manufacturing technologies that guarantee constant technical characteristics, a high productive volume, minimum waste and a low energetic/environmental impact.


UN certified for solids according to the RID/ADR/ICAO IT/ IMDG regulations for the class 1H2

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