1000-liter tank (IBC, Intermediate Bulk Container). This packaging is the best solution for the storage and transport of chemical products of all kinds. Eligibility to contain food substances is also guaranteed.


High-density polyethylene tank, anti-UV additive. Galvanized steel cage. Wooden pallet.
The plastic tank is manufactured following the most advanced extrusion and blow-molding techniques, while the protective cage, which guarantees the perfect stability of the contents, is made with square section galvanized steel tubes. The tubes are woven into meshes and welded in 360 points without any filler metal. Each welding point is electronically controlled.
The tank is approved for the transport of dangerous liquids by road, rail and sea, according the UN regulations and the RID/ADR OMI/IMDG OACI RTMD regulations.

The not approved standard version is also available.


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