We have satisfied the needs of more than 2300 customers

Pentapackaging is a company founded in Bergamo that started its activity in 2005. Our company is active in the packaging market as a distributor of plastic and metal containers and works closely with the main European producers in the commercialisation of containers for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

The main characteristic of our offer is the variety of products composed in a simple manner, so that through a single business contact the customer can already have clear answers for each packaging need. We pay particular attention to the choice of products with a low environmental impact that are also certified for food contact.

We also provide a wide choice of packaging that are compliant with UN regulations for the storage and the carriage of dangerous substances.

Mini Orders

Not only quantity for pallet but also small quantities in prompt delivery for few needs


Pentapackaging srl has a ISO 9001-2015 certificate and works with certificated companies.

Strong Points

High quality products carefully selected, wide Availability, a fast answer and punctuality of the service

Test Us!

Pentapackaging sells different products: plastic or metal buckets and jars, with the possibility to customize the products, plastic or metal bottles, tanks, drums and IBC of 1000 litres

Pentapackaging S.r.l. is based in Bergamo, where our sales department is at your disposal to guide you in the best choice according to your packaging needs.

Pentapackaging warehouse is located in Castiglione delle Stiviere (MN), only 15 minutes from the exit of Desenzano Del Garda, along the A4 Milan-Venice highway. From the warehouse, thanks to the support of our partner Messaggerie Del Garda, we guarantee a quick response to your orders, even in case of orders of low quantity. Products can be delivered directly to the reference warehouse or be collected by the customer.

The trust that more than 2300 customers have been showing in Pentapackaging Srl for more than 10 years is our motivation to keep on offering you always the best service.